Reinventing Google the underdog search engine with a bold new vision for the web.

A significant portion of the advertising revenue generated directly and indirectly by written digital content lands in the pocket of one company Google.

The lack of competition across search and digital advertising means Google is effectively free to set prices.

monopoly rents are being imposed upon every website that is ad-supported, in the words of US Senator Mike Lee.

When market dynamics are framed like this, it's hard to conclude that publishers and other content creators are getting a raw deal.

But there are those who believe that this is not the case.

For every dollar of ad revenue generated by Yep, Ahrefs promises to share $0.90 among the content creators who make up its list.

Creators who make search results possible deserve to be paid for their work.

The argument is undoubtedly a compelling one, but overhauling the Internet's most influential company has a small matter to take care of.

Ahrefs expects Yep to become the world's most used search engine to achieve conversion levels.