Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless

Sennheiser's Momentum 4 wireless noise-canceling headphones ($349.95) are a marked departure from past entries. 

 with a completely different look and a new app experience.

Sennheiser estimates that the headphones can last around 60 hours on battery at mid-level volume with ANC on.

Turning off ANC will give you more battery life, although runtime will decrease when listening at high volume levels. 

Regardless, 60 hours is an impressive figure. Sennheiser says the battery takes about two hours to fully charge from empty. 

and five minutes of charging gets you about four hours of playtime, but those numbers depend on your charging source and headphone usage.

It's a little annoying that Sennheiser requires you to create an account to access some of these features. 

but at least it doesn't block access to the app entirely. A growing number of audio companies apparently want your email now.

Tsenheis' Momentum 4 wireless headphones offer excellent audio performance and support a robust array of Bluetooth codecs.