Sony launches lighter PS5 model

At the time of its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 wasn't one of the biggest game consoles ever made.

It was also the heaviest, with the full disc drive version weighing 4.5 kg and the digital version 3.9 kg.

Today, however, eagle-eyed journalists at the press launch noted the release of a new set of PS5 models.

which weigh about 13 percent less than their launch counterparts.

The new PS5 models are CFI-1202A and B for the disc and digital versions respectively

The first weekend appeared on some Japanese retail sites with a planned launch date of September 15.

But Press Start reports that the new models are on the shelves of many Australian retailers right now

Of which the manuals list their official weight as 3.9 kg for the disc drive version and 3.4 kg for the digital version.

According to the report, no other changes are apparent in the size of the system casing or the listed system specs.