Soundtoys adds VST3 support for Mac

Good news for Cubase users who have recently treated themselves to an M1-equipped one.

 the famous Sound toy product would do without their favorite plugins as the current version only offers VST2 on the M series.

While the update is a bit late for M1 Mac owners, new M2 owners should receive a new Mac from Apple now.

While the update is still a beta it at least shows that Soundtoy has your back and the update you deserve will get you on the right track.

 Sign up as a beta tester here and get your old SoundToy goodies back up and running.

Best of all, if you haven't found the joy of SoundToy Suite yet, you can sign up as a beta tester.

 And enjoy 30 days of legendary classics like their Decapitator, Ecoboy, PrimalTap and Little Alterboy.

No urgent need for VST3 support? Since it is still a beta update Soundtoys recommends.

 That you play it super-safe and wait for the official version before updating