I've tested a dozen standing desks 

After a decade of living in small, cramped apartments, last year I finally bought a house that was bigger than I intended. 

With all the extra room, I had plenty of room to review a dozen of the best standing desks.

For example, at the time of writing, the company offers 30 different Uplift V2 desktop styles to choose from.

Although desktops made from rare types of wood can quickly become expensive, there are seven different options made from laminate that are available at a base price.

 I chose a whiteboard desktop when configuring my review unit, since I've never seen a standing desk like that before. 

The Uplift V2 is available in five different sizes and also has four frames to choose from which are available in black. white, gray or an industrial color. 

Because the Uplift V2 has dual motors at the top of each leg, the desk raises to my preferred height in just seven seconds.

In addition to being powerful, its dual motors are quieter than some desks with single motors I've tested. 

 The Uplift V2 also passed my coffee test where I put a full cup of coffee on a standing desk and try to raise and lower it without spilling a drop.