Twitter can't let Elon Musk off the hook

Twitter whistleblower Peter Zatko was speaking to US lawmakers about the company's security failures

Elon Musk says “Twitter shareholders overwhelmingly voted to hand those problems over to someone else.

The Tesla CEO, who owns more than 9% of Twitter and agreed to buy the company in April

 The shareholders were among 99% of voting shareholders who backed the $44bn deal

 A Delaware judge will decide in a trial starting Oct. 17 whether to waive it

 Will Musk leave or be forced to acquire the business on the terms he agreed to?

Twitter is a poorly managed mess, but Musk had a desire to better manage Twitter

That's why he claimed he wanted to buy the platform,

Professor John Coffey at Columbia University said any defects pointed out by Jatco could be corrected by the new owner.