Twitter Facing Dual Threats

Elon Musk's lawyers are seeking a way to back the $44 billion deal to buy social media platform Twitter from tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

lawyers filed an additional notice, the SEC disclosed,

that cited the company's former security chief Peter "Muz" Zatko last month as an additional reason to terminate the deal. Allegations made.

The notice filed on Tuesday follows one on July 8 alleging 

 that the social media company failed to comply with its contractual obligations.

Musk cited what has now become known as Jatco — as justification for pulling out of the deal.

Allegations regarding certain facts, known to Twitter on and before July 8, 2022

but undisclosed to the Musk parties before and at the time, have since come

to light that provide additional and independent grounds for rescinding the merger agreement.