Vivo's new foldable SmartPhone 

It is expected that Vivo may also unveil its next foldable phone.

The Vivo upcoming device has been spotted in the list of Google Play-supported devices

Which indicates that its launch event is very close.

Again, the exact name of the Vivo phone has also been revealed in the list.

Rumors suggested that the marketing name of the device would be Vivo X Fold S.

However, the device name in the listing, the foldable, is recorded as Vivo X Fold Plus

According to the Vivo listing, Vivo's new device will be powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 silicon.

Camera The Vivo X Fold Plus is expected to have a 50MP primary sensor on the back of the fen

Vivo's new smartphone Vivo X Fold, which the company launched in April, is available only in China.