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Dragonflight will feature body types for player characters instead of gender, including voice and pronoun selection.

The upcoming expansion will launch in 2022, with alpha tests beginning earlier this month. When raising the level cap to 70, the UI and talent tree adjust.

As reported by WoW Head, recent updates and further data mining efforts discovered Blizzard Entertainment intends to add several "included" options.

This is a trend in some recent games, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, perhaps integrated to avoid offending non-binary genders.

The option for WoW head screenshots is shown operating in-game, available on the character creation screen and in the barber shop, where players can customize their race and gender.

This includes choosing his/her, she/her, or they/them voice, a departure from previous updates that only allowed players to select one voice per race or gender.

Blizzard Entertainment has been desperate to clean up its image in the public eye, and these inclusive efforts could be the developer's efforts.