Xiaomi cancels MIUI 14.5 update

Xiaomi has canceled the release of the MIUI 14.5 update for its devices.

The company has not given any specific reason for the cancellation.

MIUI 14.5 was expected to bring several new features and improvements to Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi has not announced any plans for a new update to replace MIUI 14.5.

The cancellation of MIUI 14.5 may disappoint Xiaomi users who were eagerly waiting for the update.

Xiaomi has been focusing on the development of MIUI 15, which is expected to be released soon.

MIUI 15 is expected to bring a new design, improved performance, and several new features to Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi has not announced a specific release date for MIUI 15 yet.

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